Audiology Opportunity Series: Expanding Practice One Topic at a Time

Audiology Opportunity Series: Expanding Practice One Topic At a Time

taught by Kim Cavitt, AuD

Course description

Audiology is at a crossroads.  The direction each of us choose to chart for ourselves will determine the long-term success and stability of our profession and our practices.

The practice of audiology is diverse and extends well beyond a product. Hearing aids are merely a tool in our rehabilitative tool box. They though are not the only tool and are not the only means of generating revenue.  Money is money; whether it comes in the form of a bundled hearing aid fitting or a central auditory processing or tinnitus evaluation.  It is time to kick it old school and expand the focus of our practices further and re-begin monetizing not just product but also care.

Many opportunities exist that can benefit consumers and patients and have a positive impact on visibility and financial viability of your practice. There are still clinical holes and needs in every community.  If we fail, continually, to step into these spaces and niches, another provider type or profession will come along to meet the need.

The goal is to practice audiology to its fullest state defined scope of practice and provide the services not available online, direct to consumer, or via big box retailers.  We want to help to create an environment that physician’s want and need to refer to because you fill a necessary and desired niche in your community and offer things their practice or hospital system does not.

Audiology Resources wants to help you and your practice, through a series of individual videos and resources, master, operationalize, and market different aspects of audiology practice.  We are going to point you to research and respected training opportunities so you can learn the whys and hows of implementation. We are going to show you how to code, bill, and be reimbursed for your time and expertise. Finally, we are going to give you tools to market this to your community. We want to help you make your practice competition proof!

Kim Cavitt, AuD
Kim Cavitt, AuD
President, Audiology Resources, Inc.

Kim Cavitt, AuD was a clinical audiologist and preceptor at The Ohio State University and Northwestern University for the first ten years of her career. Since 2001, Dr. Cavitt has operated her own Audiology consulting firm, Audiology Resources, Inc. Audiology Resources, Inc. provides comprehensive operational, compliance and reimbursement consulting services to hearing healthcare providers. She currently serves on the Audiology Quality Consortium (AQC) and is Chair of the State of Illinois Speech Pathology and Audiology Licensure Board. She also serves on committees through ADA and ASHA and is an Adjunct Lecturer at Northwestern University and Western Michigan University. She is a past president of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Audiology Opportunity Series: Expanding Practice One Topic at a Time
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